Clan Mothers Circle

Our hearts are filled with gratitude at this time of rebirth, of life beginning anew once again! We welcome Looks Far Women, Clan Mother of the 4th Moon Cycle who teaches us how to See the Truth. What a time to rejoice! To come out of our winter’s cave of snow and ice to now embrace the colour, beauty, and miracles of life all around us every day. This is our opportunity to see our lives with fresh eyes, childlike eyes, inner eyes – so we can truly see who we are and how to co-create our lives.

Dragonfly3The energy of creation and new beginnings is strong now – ride its wave to make the changes you have been yearning for in your life. We can birth our most powerful Selves, our true, authentic Selves, to live from our hearts and inner knowings. When we look with eyes wide open we can see the signs and omens in all of life directing us and helping us to be happy, creative and healthy.  Are you ready to be born anew, blossoming and giving off your sweetest scent along with the flowering tree and plant people?

This is the time to create wholeness within ourselves as Looks Far Woman takes us to the Crack in the Universe to see a complete reflection of who we are.

I look forward to being with you in this time of expansion, growth and enlightenment.

See you in the tipi – please dress appropriately and bring a cushion and blanket for floor sitting and your drums and rattles. This Circle will be held at the Leicester Quaker Meeting House on 9 April, 6:30pm-9pm.

Please also bring your monthly braid of key word, animal totem and sacred path if you have them. If you don’t have a braid already, please drum for or intuit a totem animal or energy to work with for the month or draw cards

This Circle is open to all women over the age of 10.

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