What We Offer

“Is your life ‘growing corn’?” Will Rockingbear

Hawk Feather

Clan Mothers Circle (with Speaking Hawk)RT Hawk

Join us for sharing and an exploration of Self with the 13 archetypal principles of the Feminine through these ancient Native teachings. Discover your talents, gifts and abilities with others of the Sacred Sisterhood.

This is an open Circle is for women age 12 and over. The circle meets on a Monday near the beginning of each month. Please check the ‘Events’ page for dates, times and venue.

Sacred Pipe Ceremony (with Speaking Hawk)

In this Ceremony with the Sacred Pipe, praying with and for All Our Relations, we offer prayers from our heart to Creator. Native peoples haPipe 2ve prayed in this way since the pipe was brought to the people. The story of how the Pipe came to the people depends on the tribe and lineage. We honour White Buffalo Calf Woman, Arrow Woman and Buffalo in our Ceremony. We use Knickknick in the Pipe, an herbal blend including tobacco. Our prayers are carried to Creator with the smoke. But it is not necessary to take in the smoke, you may pray by simply holding the Pipe.

This Sacred Ceremony is open to men and women. Please bring a pillow to sit on, a lap cloth and an open heart. Instructions given to beginners.

As a pipe carrier, it is my honour to live my life non-judgmentally, impeccably, and as a peace-maker. I am available upon request to bring the Sacred Pipe for Ceremony for you, for anyone who needs Medicine in this way, bringing Peace to any situation in your life.

Healing Circle

RattleHealing in a shamanic sense is about bringing balance back to the body, mind, emotion and spirit. This circle is an opportunity to heal the Self, other members of the Circle as well as the wider world. This circle meets every Wednesday evening.

This is a closed Circle. Please feel free to send a healing request at any time.

Fire Ceremony with Speaking Hawk or Dawn Rising

In this ancient Ceremony, we work to release old patterns, beliefs, relationships or other things that we no longer need. Things that no longer serve us. ThingFires keeping us from being our true, authentic selves. We will give these things to the Sacred Fire that it may burn these old thoughts, patterns, beliefs, or behaviours from us.

Giving these things to the fire allows us to make our own choices taking responsibility for the path we have chosen. We must be the change that we want to see in the world!

Shamanic Dreaming or Journey with Speaking Hawk or Dawn Rising

Shamans have used the drumbeat to enter into a vision state for thousands of years. The drum, or rattle in some cultures, is used to take the dreamer into the dreamtime or on a Shamanic Journey. In the dreamtime, we meet and can talk with guides, animal totems or others carrying Medicine. These beings guide us and protect us. When we have questions in our lives, we can journey to the upper, lower or middle worlds to seek out these beings in the dreamtime where we can get answers. This is a very powerful way to bring us clarity.

You can learn to journey into the dreamtime and meet beings who can help guide, assist and protect you.

Animal Totems with Speaking Hawk or Dawn Rising

Discover who your animal totems are, how they assist you and the medicine or teachings they carry.

Intuitive Reading with Dawn Rising

With the assistance of the animal totem cards, as a trained Seer, I will look and see what is really going on in any given situation in your life.

Soul Retrieval with Dawn Rising and Speaking Hawk

Do you feel that something is missing inside? Have you been searching for something your whole life but don’t really know what you are looking for? Sometimes pieces of our soul break off and leave us through trauma or accidents, illness or abuse. These pieces leave in order to survive the experience. Many times they will not come back without help and that is where the shaman comes in. Soul Retrieval is an ancient and powerful ceremony to find and bring these pieces of the soul back to the individual. It is a ceremony to heal the person and make them whole again by reuniting the person with these lost pieces. Then work of integrating these piece(s) begins for the individual. This integration allows people to reclaim the joy of living and their connection with the Earth Mother.

Individual Sessions with Speaking Hawk or Dawn Rising

Speaking Hawk or Dawn Rising are available for individual sessions or healing sessions upon request.

Twin Heart Dreaming with Dawn Rising

The Twin Heart Dreaming is a ceremony gifted by the 13 Original Clan Mothers to help those who wish to heal their hearts of old pain, hurts, fears of intimacy, emotional numbness, and/or grief.

Cutting Ceremony with Speaking Hawk or Dawn Rising

The Cutting Ceremony identifies and severs any attachments or energy cords between you and another being, whether in a physical body or in the spirit world, that are in place for the purpose of draining energy from you.

Soul Healing with Speaking Hawk or Dawn Rising

As part of our work, shamans also help the dead and dying – that is, we help those who are preparing to or have dropped their robes from this life. Death is, after all, a passage or crossing to the next world. Soul Healing is an opportunity to help those souls that may get stuck between worlds. As shamans, we help heal and release these souls so that they may complete the death process and cross safely to the next life.

Clearing and Blessings with Speaking Hawk or Dawn Rising

This ceremony is appropriate for spaces, home or business, individuals or families during Rites of Passage, changes and transformations, healing, new endeavors, and/or trips. We first purify the existing energies and then call in peaceful, harmonious energies. Blessing the spaces we where we live allows them to reflect the light of our soul and shine!

Drum Creation Ceremony with Speaking Hawk and Dawn Rising


In this beautiful Ceremony, you will create a Sacred Medicine piece in the form of a drum. Shamans follow the beat of the drum, the heartbeat of our Earth Mother, to journey to other realms of the Spirit World which is why some traditions call the drum ‘Spirit Horse’. This Sacred Medicine piece will be your friend, your guide, your healer and your teacher.

All materials are ethically sourced and we will honour the spirit of the animal and the standing people that go into our drums.