About Us

Tayanita Medicine Lodge

Tayanita is a Cherokee word for a young beaver. Beaver is an important Totem for us. After humans, beavers have the biggest impact on the environment of any creature on the face of our planet. A beaver pond creates an entire ecosystem for life to flourish, from insects, fish, amphibians, and reptiles to birds, mammals and plants.

We are grateful that you will join us in building a world for the next seven generations and in support of all life.

SiluetSpeaking Hawk and Dawn Rising are Shamanic practitioners and healers grounded in Native traditions. We started on the Beauty Path in 2001 when living in North Carolina, USA, we met a Cherokee Teacher and Healer, Will Rockingbear. Through Rockingbear, we both met, started training with and are still apprenticed to Robin White Star. We have been guided by the teachings of Rockingbear, White Star, Seneca elders Bob and Lee Nitsch from the US and shamanic healers and teachers native to the Central and South America and the UK.

All spiritual traditions are welcomed in our practice.

We moved to the UK and have offered Ceremony and healing practices in Leicester since 2005.

Totemic Medicine Wheel 1

A workshop at Tayanita Medicine Lodge 2014

All Night Dreaming 1

An All Night Dreaming Ceremony at Tayanita Medicine Lodge 2015


A Drum Creation Ceremony at Tayanita Medicine Lodge 2017

“It was a beautiful day – my drum looks fabulous” Wendy

“Thanks for a brilliant day” Clare

Speaking Hawk offers a monthly Clan Mothers Circle and as a Pipe Carrier, offers Pipe Ceremony Speaking Hawk 1several times during the year. The course of her life was changed by Vision Quest in North Carolina guided by White Star Woman and Rockingbear.


Dawn Rising is a healer and teacher of the Beauty Way.