Wolf Clan Teach Lodge Midlands UK 2018

Thursday, 19 April 2018, 7pm, The Christie Hall, Elton Road, Wansford, PE8 6JS

Saturday, 21 April 2018 – Quaker Meeting House, Queen’s Road, Leicester

Sunday 22 April 2018, 7pm – Wansford



We as humankind are at a critical point in our development.  The Creator gave us many gifts and many opportunities for growth, for change, for expansion of consciousness.  Some have listened; some have not.  Our ways of being and living have taken us far away from our Natural Ways (of being), our connection to our Earth Mother and her children.  We have lost touch with our Ancestral Connections and our sense of our place in the grand scheme of things.  Now is the time when we are called to return to what is true and what is real.  We are called to once again stand in that truth.  To once again restate our intention: for our lives, for our mission, for our future, for our Mother Earth and our connection to Universal Truth and all life everywhere.

Day One, Leicester: Preparing For ‘The New Instructions’

Day Two, Wansford: The Next Step

Participants will:

  • Prepare a personal Sacred Hoop of Dreams
  • Awaken the Answers within their Ancestral Lineage that connect them to the unfolding of the Universal Stream
  • Begin to work with the promptings within their Soul to manifest their individual Mission in Life
  • Will be able to honor and restore their connection to the Beings in the Natural World for mutual benefit and protection.

To register for these events:

For the Drumming evening and the workshop in Wansford contact Mary at mary@marleau.co.uk

For the Workshop in Leicester contact Michelle on speakinghawk.uk@gmail.com

Please bring a packed lunch for each workshop

One to one sessions are available with Bob and Lee on the 23rd and 24th of April. Bring a question. cost £30. To register for a one to one session, please contact Mary at mary@marleau.co.uk


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