Clan Mothers Circle

Monday, 4 May 2020, 6:30pm-9:00pm – On-line – please see the TML May Newsletter for joining link

This month we journey with Listening Woman, Clan Mother of the 5th Moon Cycle, who Hawk4teaches how to HEAR THE TRUTH. Right now, while the World is still, we have such an opportunity right to learn to Listen and Hear the Truth! Listen to Spirit, to your Totems, to your heart, to your soul, to your body, to your feelings, and to All Our Relations. Listen to each other, to your family, to your friends, to life itself!

All of the Spirit World is trying to send us messages, trying to get our attention. Help canbe found through this Clan Mother and her Totem, Hawk, who carries words of wisdom and shows us how to listen. Pay attention! Listen with both ears and an open heart! The Truth will come through loud and clear if you do!

SealThen this Clan Mother’s other Totem, Seal and Sea Lions, will help us ride the wave of our emotions and feelings in order to discover all facets of ourselves. Use this time of rich opportunity to dive deep!

I look forward to being in Ceremony with you on-line on Monday evening.

Bring your rattles, drums, and your braid for the month. If you don’t have a braid, please draw a card, intuit or drum for a Totem animal or energy to work with this month.

This Circle is open to all women and girls over the age of 10.

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