Clan Mothers Circle

Monday, 12 July 2021, 6:30pm-9:00pm – On-line – please see the TML Newsletter for joining link

Octopus 1 small

In the 7th Moon Cycle, we welcome the teachings of Loves All Things. This Clan Mother teaches how to Love the Truth in all its manifestations. Elders of the Andes have a saying – the past is front of you. Until it’s not. Until we heal ourselves and love all parts of our past, all parts of the Self. The Mother of Love and her Totem, Octopus, teach us how to love all parts of the Self without judgment. For within the loving tenderness of the arms of Octopus, we find healing on a cosmic scale. Let this Clan Mother and Octopus help you be brave. Request their help in healing and loving the Self – they are waiting for you!

Let us raise our vibration together that we may feed ourselves, each other and Mother Earth! Please join me on-line for Circle – I look forward to sitting in Ceremony with you!

Please do bring along your Sacred Braid for this month – your word, Animal Totem and Sacred Path card. If you weren’t with us at the New Year’s Day Ceremony, please pull a card or drum/rattle to discern your energy for the month. Please also bring rattles and drums.

Take time to prepare your ceremonial space, smudge and don your ceremonial clothing.

This Circle is open to all women and girls over the age of 10.

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