Clan Mothers Circle

Monday, 7 June 2021, 6:30pm-9:00pm – On-line

This month we welcome Storyteller, Clan Mother of the 6th Moon Cycle. In the Seneca Wheel of Truth, this Clan Mother teaches us how to Speak the Truth. This past year, we have had an unprecedented opportunity for retreat, for going within, an opportunity for spiritual growth and for aligning with our life’s mission and revealing our true, authentic Self. As we begin to emerge from our physical isolation, this Clan Mother and her Totem, Wolf, teach us new paths, new ways of learning, growing and being. 

Now let us Speak the Truth of these new ways of being, sharing our love for All Our Relations and inviting others to do the same. When we have some wisdom, it is our responsibility to share it – those words belong to the people – they are not just ours. But how we share it makes all the difference. When words are spoken with respect, honour and non-judgment, hearts and minds fly open to receive the sweet nectar of truth!  When hard truths are communicated with compassion and the unconditional love of Grandfather sun, with humour and lightness, the ability to digest them is strengthened.  

Let us raise our vibration together that we may feed ourselves, each other and Mother Earth! Please join me on-line for Circle – I look forward to sitting in Ceremony with you!

Please bring your drums and rattles as well as your braid for the month. If you do not yet have a braid, please draw cards or intuit or drum for the energy you are working with this month.

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