Autumn Equinox Fire Ceremony

Wednesday, 20 September 2017, 7pm – Tayanita Medicine Lodge

You are invited to join us for Fire Ceremony to release and transform all that is no longer serving you as we celebrate the Autumn Equinox — when light and dark come into balance. This turn of the Medicine Wheel celebrates the energies of the West Direction – introspection, goals, the Future. The West direction is the place of all

​In this beautiful ceremony, you will have the opportunity to work with the Ceremonial Fire to release old beliefs, patterns, relationships, self-concepts or other things that no longer serve us and inhibit our growth. In this way our lives can “grow corn” (Will Rockingbear) and we are free to live our lives true to our authentic Selves.

You may wish to bring a give-away for the Sacred Fire – something you fashioned or have written or in some way represents the energy of what you want to give away (no metal or plastic please). However, there will be time to bundle your give-aways at the ceremony. We will also be celebrating the three-quarter point in our year of Whole-Hearted Kindness with Deer. Feel free to give to the Fire anything that holds you back from Whole-Hearted Kindness!

We will then replace and refill with positive energy, joy and personal power as you dream with the drum.

Please bring a lawn chair or pillow to sit on, appropriate clothing to keep warm, a lap cloth, and drums and/or rattles. You may also want to bring some chocolate or other small snack or refreshment to share around the Fire afterwards!

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