Clan Mothers Circle

Dear Beings of Light,

Please join us for Clan Mothers Circle on:

Monday, 11 September 2017, 6:30pm-9pm – Tayanita Medicine Lodge – the tipi

This month we work with Setting Sun Woman who sits in the West of the Medicine Wheel. We are now being ushered gently into the autumn energies with the earth moving beneath our feet and Frog tenderly helping us to cleanse, refresh and replenish. Frog4Working with the cleansing, gentle energy of Frog, we can clear away the old debris of our lives, making ample space for an expansion of our consciousness where we are ready and able to move forward. Our challenge is to keep our balance amidst the shifts, staying connected to Spirit that we may gracefully rise above fear and paralysis, greeting the future with hope, joy and love in our hearts.

Ceremony helps us to remember and guides us to LIVE THE TRUTH. I’m looking forward to being in Ceremony with you to regroup and cleanse from our previous month and gather the new energy for the upcoming month.

Please remember to bring your Sacred Word, Totem Animal and Path Card for the month of September and a cushion, lap cloth and your drums and rattles!

This Circle is open to all women and girls over the age of 10.

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