Creative Self Expression with Blue Turtle Woman and Dawn Rising

Open to Men and Women over 16.

Please RSVP by Saturday, 27 May as we need a minimum number to run by email to

Creativity heals the self and others. Express yourself! We will find our Ancient Sacred and Primal marks and dream what we are feeling in your hearts on this Earth Walk. Representations of our dreams will be expansive, surprising and joyous!

Allow yourself time to nurture the creator/artist within. We will use a few simple techniques; watercolour, charcoal, pencil and ink. All materials will be provided. No experience in any form of art is necessary only an open mind. We invite you to ‘try it and see what happens’!

Monetary gifting is appropriate and appreciated. Please keep in mind you are gifting for all the materials, our time and Harriet’s space- be generous. Suggested minimum £10- that amount is between you and Spirit.

Please bring your lunch, (and optional cake or snack to share), rattle, drums, card decks (angel, gems, wolf, Druid cards) and any items that may inspire you if you wish.

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