Clan Mothers Circle

Monday, 10 January 2022, 6:30pm-9:00pm, Tayanita Medicine Lodge and on-line

In January, we welcome Talks With Relations, Clan Mother of the 1st moon cycle. This Clan Mother holds the energy of Learning the Truth. This is a wonderful time of connecting and learning from All Our Relations – stone beings, tree people, plant medicine beings, all the creature-beings and the beings of the Great Star Nation. They have many messages to share with you at this time of transformation. 

When we dance with her Totem, Grouse, we are able to respectfully learn the rhythm of All Our Relations. By using both ears and an open heart and honouring All Our Relations, we are able to ask for their help and wisdom. We are able to hear the many messages they have to share with us at this time. All Our Relations are also Dreaming of a world of mutual reciprocity, respect, harmony and love. Pay attention! They are trying to share a vision that will enrich us all!

When we open our hearts to all living things, we nurture kindness, compassion and respect. When we respectfully step into the world of others, we can begin to see the world from their Sacred Point of View. From this expanded Point of View, oneness flows.

I am looking forward to being in Ceremony with all of you. Together, we will feed our spirits to walk the Beauty Path. 

If you are coming to the lodge, please bring a mat or cushion to sit on, a lap cloth and your drums and rattles. If you are joining us via on-line, please do don your ceremonial garb and smudge yourself prior joining.

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