Clan Mothers Circle

Monday, 4 October 2021, 6:30pm-9:00pm – On-line – link in TML Newsletter

In October, we welcome Weaves the Web, Clan Mother of the Tenth Moon Cycle who teaches us how to Work with the Truth. With every choice we make, we are co-creating our lives. This Clan Mother and her Totem, Beaver, teach us important lessons in co-creation. Beaver is the Builder, the Doer.  Momentum is gathering for a change in the world. If we are to co-create a world of harmony, a world where all and everything is respected and honoured, a world where the resources provided by Pachamama are used wisely and with gratitude with the next seven generations in our hearts and minds, then we must work together with each of us contributing our talents and gifts. Let our prayers include a request to Beaver to work with us in co-creating a new path for our planet’s future.

Are you willing to co-create a world of beauty and truth? Join us as we create community and unity.

Please bring your braid for the month if you have one and if not, go inward to seek a Totem or Path for the month or draw a card.

Also, as we begin drawing down towards the end of the year, take time to reflect on your personal and the collective energy for the year, Catching the Waves of Coherent Radiance with Dolphin and Obsidian

I am looking forward to sitting in Ceremony with you once again.

This circle is open to women over the age of 10.

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