Clan Mothers Circle

Monday, 1 February 2021, 6:30pm-9:00pm – On-line

This month, we Honor the Truth with Wisdom Keeper, Clan Mother of the 2nd Moon Cycle. Wisdom Keeper teaches us how to honour the Truth in all things by first honouring our own Beauty Path, our own dreams and visions – to let our own Orenda be our guiding light. She teaches us to walk this Good Red Road with the Truth of who and what we are in our hearts.  This Clan Mother and her Totem, Lynx, teaches us how to do all this by accessing the secrets of the universe and aligning ourselves with the Eternal Flame of Love. Lynx is the Knower of Secrets and guards the secret fire of wisdom that dwells in each of us. All mysteries can be accessed through the heart when we are open and willing to receive.

Wisdom Keeper also teaches us how to honour the Truth in all things by respecting the Sacred Space and Sacred Point of View of All Our Relations. She shows us how to allow others their personal Truths, thus learning how to be a neutral presence in the lives of others.

Are we honouring the Truth of our own Beauty Way? Are we listening, paying attention and co-creating our lives with Spirit? Are we being a neutral presence in the lives of others that encourages them on their path? Are we honouring their Truths?

Please do bring along your Sacred Braid for this month – your word, Animal Totem and Sacred Path card. If you weren’t with us at the New Year’s Day Ceremony, please pull a card or drum/rattle to discern your energy for the month. Please also bring rattles and drums.

Take time to prepare your ceremonial space and don your ceremonial clothing.

This Circle is open to all women and girls over the age of 10.

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