Clan Mothers Circle

Dear Spring Blossoms!

Please join us Monday, 3 April 2017, 6:30pm-9pm at the Quaker Meeting House for Clan Mothers Circle.Dragonfly3

Our hearts are filled with gratitude at this time of rebirth! This month we welcome Looks Far Women, Doorkeeper to all dimensions and Clan Mother of the 4th Moon Cycle who teaches us how to See the Truth. This Clan Mother’s totem, Dragonfly, helps us to see through the illusion that this physical life is all there is.

Instead, we will work Dragonfly, Lizard, Swan and Dolphin to take us to the Dreamtime of altered time and space. This is our opportunity to see our lives with fresh eyes, childlike eyes, inner eyes – so we can truly see who we are and how to co-create our lives.

This is the time to birth ourselves anew! Let’s fly with Looks Far Woman to the Crack in the Universe to see a reflection of our true authentic Selves. I look forward to being with you in this time of clarity, rebirth and renewal.

See you at the Quaker Meeting House in the Activity Room at 6.30 on Monday, 3 April. The floor of the Activity Room is not very nice – think about bringing a yoga matt to put down under yourselves for dreaming. Please bring with you a cushion and blanket for floor sitting, drums and rattles. Please also bring your monthly braid of key word, animal totem and sacred path if you have them.

This Circle is open to all women and girls over the age of 10.

Many blessings,

Speaking Hawk

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