Clan Mothers Circle

We are now on that place of the wheel where we HONOUR THE TRUTH with Wisdom Keeper, Clan Mother of the 2nd Moon Cycle. Wisdom Keeper teaches us how to honour the Truth in all things by respecting the Sacred Space and Sacred Point of View of All Our Relations. She shows us how to allow others their personal Truths.

whale-1This Clan Mother also assists us in developing the Self with her totem, Whale, who teaches us how to remember and use our talents to the fullest. They teach us how to rediscover our destiny of wholeness by honouring the talents and abilities we have been given.

I very much look forward to being in Circle with you on Monday 6th February at 6.30 in the library of the Quaker Meeting House.

Please do bring along your Sacred Braid for this month – your word, Animal Totem and Sacred Path card. As usual please bring rattles and drums, a lap cloth and cushion for floor sitting. You may wish to bring a stone person – one that you are working with for this month – for the alter.

This Circle is open to all women and girls over the age of 10.

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