12th Annual New Year’s Day Ceremony

Monday, 2 January 2017, Quaker Meeting House. Please arrive 12:45 for a 1pm start. 

Please join me in Ceremony for the 12th Annual Setting Our Energies Ceremony 2017: The Year of Whole-hearted Kindness with Deer

In this beautiful Ceremony to bring in the New Year, we will call forth the collective and persoroe-2nal energies of 2017. This year, we will collectively welcome the gentle and loving energy of Deer. Walking with this Sacred Totem for 2017, we will learn and teach how use that persistent, gentle, loving kindness to tame the Shadows in our lives until their hearts open and our way is clear.

In this ceremony, we’ll regroup 2016 to bundle the wisdom gained from our experiences. Then with intention and open hearts, we will set our energies for 2017.

Finally, following the heartbeat of the Sacred Drum, we will dream to welcome these new energies into our lives. For those who work with the Clan Mothers, we will dream with Becomes Her Vision, Clan Mother of the 13th Moon Cycle who will help us to remember how to stand in our Power without harming ourselves and with Deer who teaches us how to do this gently.

This Ceremony is open to all – men and children 10 and over are welcome to be in ceremony together.

Suggested donation £20-25.

Please Bring:  1. Sitting pillow and a lap cloth or blanket for sitting on the floor (although chairs are available) 2. Medicine Cards/Sacred Path Cards (we have some to share or you may want to bring your own for example Angel, Wolf or Druid cards) 3. Wear comfortable clothing 4. Pen or pencil for your 2016 Energy notes, notebook 5. bring your drums and rattles to help drum in the new 2016 energies!

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