Clan Mothers Circle

This month, we are working with Walks Tall Woman, Clan Mother of the 11th Moon Cycle, who teaches us how to WALK OUR TRUTH with inner strength, impeccability, beauty and grace. This Clan Mother walks with a big cat who is the embodiment of balance between the Spiritual and Physical worlds. She teaches that it’s not what we are doing but how we do it that makes the difference between creating separation within ourselves and from others or whether we are embracing the Oneness that is All Creation.mountain_lion-2

By our choices we are able to walk tall in our lives. Our choices make us all leaders. Be brave with Mountain Lion this month! Others learn from us by the choices we make. We don’t have to be gurus to make a positive impact on the people in our lives.

I look forward to feeding our Spirits together at the Quaker Meeting House on Monday 7th November from 6:30 to 9pm in the library.

This Circle is open to all women over the age of 10.

Please bring with you a cushion and blanket, drums and rattles, your braid for the month and above all, an open heart.

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