Clan Mothers Circle

Monday, 3 October, 6:30pm-9pm – Tayanita Medicine Lodge

Welcome Weaves the Web, Clan Mother of the Tenth Mospider-web1aon Cycle who teaches us how to Work with the Truth! The jeweled webs of autumn remind us that we are the co-creators of our lives. With our crystal webs of clear intention and conscious choice, we manifest our dreams and desire to be sacred human beings; to do what we have come to do without self-doubt, fear and limiting beliefs getting between us and the expression of our life purpose.

It’s time to Create!

I invite you all to make time in your life for dreaming and connect to your Crystal Web of Light. I look forward to being in Ceremony with you at the Tayanita Medicine Lodge at 6.30 on Monday 3 October.

Please bring your braid for the month if you have one along wth your cushions, blankets, drums, and rattles.

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