Clan Mothers Circle

Greetings to you bright shining ones,

Please join me at Tayanita Medicine Lodge for Clan Mothers Circle at 6:30PM Monday, 8 August. White Star will be leading this Circle.

You are requested to bring two items:

  • a colourful cloth such as a light blanket or sarong you can put on the grass
  • a colourful scarf or sarong you can put over your head

We will be regrouping Loves All Things and welcoming in the Clan Mother of the eighth moon cycle, She Who Heals. She shows us how to SERVE THE TRUTH in our lives. Now is the time to request healing! Now is the time to humble ourselves and ask for help, whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.  If we are too proud to ask for help, how can spirit co-create with us? How can our planetary family assist us? Nothing happens until a request has been made. Be brave! If you have noticed that some amazing healing is going on in your life and in the lives of others at this time, you are paying attention.  We can release our resistance, superiority, inferiority, stubbornness, and hopelessness – all those patterns that have kept us from feeling and acknowledging our connection to each other and all sentient beings in our Planetary Family, including the Divine!

Please bring also bring your cushion, lapcloth, drums and rattles. I look forward to being in Ceremony with you!

Blessings, Speaking Hawk

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